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Women’s Fitness

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Hi, I’m Morgan Olson!

I’m an expert at women’s fitness, a nerd when it comes to gut health, and my obsession is transforming women to get what they want (without hours of cardio).

A Hawaii grown athlete, trainer, nutritionist, and ice cream lover, my happiest days are spent sharing my secrets to decode women’s bodies…P.S. the answer isn’t just eating less!

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Sculpt Your Body, Gain More Confidence, & Actually Enjoy It!

Feel like your efforts in the gym aren’t showing? Days are gone when more cardio and less food was the answer. Now it’s time to optimize your body. Not work smarter, it’s time to work harder!

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Babe Spotlight


"I didn’t just want to get smaller, I wanted to shape my body, MoMo knows the tricks!”

“It all started with my nutrition and Morgan is the expert on that!”

"I had always been that girl that would go to the gym and being the cardio bunny.”