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Fitness Made smarter,

not harder.

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Hi, I’m Morgan Olson!

I’m lazy. So I like fitness that actually works. And women…I love women. Welcome to Babe, Go Lift. where we use science-based methods to eat & lift more intelligently.

As a Nutrition Specialist, Personal Trainer, book nerd, and pretty bad dancer, I confidently tell you the key to seeing results is using effective and sustainable strategies, not more cardio!

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Sculpt Your Body, Gain More Confidence, & Actually Enjoy It!

Is your hormone levels or gut health holding you back? Feel like you need more accountability and guidance?

It’s okay, 90% of women agree. Now it’s time to do something about it!

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Babe Spotlight


"I didn’t just want to get smaller, I wanted to shape my body, MoMo knows the tricks!”

“It all started with my nutrition and Morgan is the expert on that!”

"Two years later and I have completely changed my mindset towards food and myself!”