Summer Six-Pack Guide

Summer Six-Pack Guide

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Do you work out 5 days a week?

Eat healthy?

But still look the same? Yeah, that’s not normal.

To finally start leaning out, you need commitment and accountability to change. This means we need to strengthen your metabolism, cut cravings and say goodbye to inflammation. Want that and to be kept accountable?

The BGL Summer Six-Pack Guide has the exact steps to get you burning fat. Take the first step to your summer body because you deserve it after years of being in the gym! Here’s what you’ll get…

Nutrition -

  • Food Intolerance Hair Test 600+ foods, heavy metals levels, and vitamin & mineral deficiencies

  • Ab Ripper meal plan

  • Ab/Muscle building meal plan

  • Plant-based meal plan

  • Macros made simple

  • Top 10 ab ripper recipes I eat every week

  • My top 3 ab workouts

  • My top 10 daily habits to keep me lean and focused everyday

Support- (priceless)

  • 30 days of emails from ME- girl talk, recipes, videos & more

  • All-access to the BGL club

  • More confidence, energy, and fat loss

Total value = $529 + priceless shit

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