Summer Six-Pack Program

Summer Six-Pack Program


Soooooo, you work out often?

Eat pretty “healthy”?

But, you still look the same? Yeah, that’s not normal.

I was there and it sucked. You just want to lean out. So you start eating in a caloric deficit…less food, more gym, and more coffee.

This is a dangerous combination that slows your metabolism. Thus, creating a moody, hangry body in survival mode that doesn’t want to lose any weight.

The key to sustainable fat loss is strengthening your metabolism and balancing your hormones (fat burning and fat storing ones).

If you want to start burning fat without eating less, then keep reading. Here’s what is included in the program…

Benefits -

  • Burn more calories with a stronger metabolism

  • Eliminate the possibility of regaining any weight back

  • More energy so you can be a stronger girl boss

  • More confidence to strut around with

  • Redefine “diet”

  • Reduce cravings

Features -

  • Key 1: Inflammation Audit

  • Food Intolerance Hair Test 600+ foods, heavy metals levels, and vitamin & mineral deficiencies

  • Key 2: Diet

  • Macros made simple to strengthen your metabolism

  • Sustainable eating habits for results that last

  • Plant-based, fat loss, & muscle builder meal plans

  • Key 3: Abdominal Exercises

  • My top three ab workouts to tone and strengthen

  • 10 intentional daily habits to keep you leaning out and your mind in the game

  • Key 4: All Things Food

  •  Discover ways to cook healthy (even when you don't feel like it)

  • Recipes that nourish with micronutrients to burn fat and prevent cravings

  • Recipes that balance your fat burning hormones and reduce the fat storing hormones

Support- (priceless)

  • 30 days of emails from ME- girl talk, recipes, videos & more

  • All-access to the BGL Club Facebook Community

    Bonus with program!

  • Free 30-minute coaching call with me to identify the missing links, tackle underlying issues and get specific adjustments to start the program off right

Total value = $529 + priceless shit

If you still want to know more, check this out.

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