8-Week BGL Strength Program

8-Week BGL Strength Program

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Who’s this for?

Women who have been in the gym for over a year and need more structure. You're unsure what to lift, slightly intimidated by the meatheads, and the elliptical just doesn't do it for you anymore. This program is advanced, so make sure you know how to squat, deadlift, and press beforehand.

What is included:

Weights -

  • 8 week gym program broken up into two phases to get you strong like a powerlifting and the conditioning of a bodybuilder. Aka strong but lean.
  • My secret warm-up (what I do everyday)
  • Lifting laws
  • Gym cheat sheet
  • Frequently-asked-never-a-dumb-question
  • 48 full routine workouts I've used to build my physique


  • All-access to the BGL club
  • Email support 
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