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Program/Service Used: Personal Training + Nutrition Coaching

Time Elapsed: 90 days

Favorite Healthy Meal: Babe Daily Salad & Mango Chicken

“When I started working out with Momo I was in a really rough spot in my life going through some hard times. It was about a year and a half after having my son when I started with her. I had always been that girl that would go to the gym and being the cardio bunny. Don’t get me wrong i “lifted weights” before but not correctly obviously because once I started learning how to really lift I fell in love it changed my bony in the best way. Learning and working out with Momo she explained all the proper ways to do things and in detail and doesn’t like you feel like you don’t know what you are doing🤷🏻‍♀️😂 but she truly is amazing at what she does she helped me reach my goals build muscle and be happy with myself! And she continues todo so.”



Program/Service Used: 1-on-1 nutrition coaching 

Time Elapsed: 30 days

“Morgan is extremely supportive and caring about her clients. She devotes her time and knowledge to help me obtain my fitness goals while providing me with motivation throughout the process. It was extremely refreshing to see the extensive knowledge base that she applied to my weight loss and I can truly attribute my success to her."


Program/Service Used: 1-on-1 nutrition coaching 

Time Elapsed: 1 year

Favorite Healthy Meal: Steak, sweet potatoes, and green beans

"Morgan helped me not only learn more about nutrition & what it consists of, but helped me tailor my nutrition to my personal and fitness goals. She helped me gain confidence as an NCAA Division 1 athlete, and helped motivate me to find a lifestyle I love. And on top of that she’s a pretty cool cat 🐱 "

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Program/Service Used: 1-on-1 nutrition coaching

Time Elapsed: 8 months

Favorite Healthy Meal: Ground turkey with sweet potato, shaved Brussel sprouts, and cauliflower rice

"I was doing crossfit for a little over a year and wasn't seeing the results I wanted. I have always been an athlete and basically ate what i wanted. But i wanted muscles and definition. After a year of crossfit i knew i needed to change my diet in order to get the results i wanted. A friend of mine suggested i reach out to Morgan. She walked me through the whole process. I decided to give it my all. It was overwhelming and confusing at first but Morgan helped me with it all. I started to feel great, my performance improved and i was seeing definition in my body. After a few week i started looking at food as fuel, and change my whole outlook on what i was eating."


Program/service used: Personal Training + 1-on-1 nutrition coaching 

Time elapsed: 3 years

Favorite healthy meal: Sweet potato strips with guacamole 

“Morgan is not only my coach I can check in with every week, but my best friend. She made me look at the underlying reasons why I felt the need to be heavy. I was scared, scared to be seen and loved. Morgan helped me realized that I was deserving. She helped me heal emotionally while guiding my eating. And my intolerance test showed I was intolerant to peanuts, coconut, and oats! All of which I had been eating, and after I cut them out, I was able to clear up my skin and HAVE SO MUCH MORE ENERGY. I love Coach MoMo.”



Morgan Olson

Time Elapsed: 8 years

Favorite Healthy Meal: Chicken Tikka Masala with Vegan Kale Pesto from Trader Joe's

It’s just me…I’ve done everything from paleo, vegan, vegetarian, macros, flexible dieting, clean eating diet, and it wasn’t until I healed my gut that I got SO MUCH ENERGY. The muscle I gained was a combination of counting macros with whole eating. My biggest takeaway is consistency is KEY! Rome wasn’t built overnight and neither are you! Let’s learn and transform together.

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“Working with Morgan is an incredible experience all around. She helps you with things you don’t realize you need help with, body and mind! So thankful to have her assistance and coaching. She really takes her time and caters to your personal needs.” - Carissa Rabun

“Okay so first off, Morgan is fun. Like I always leave smiling but second off she knows her stuff. Her knowledge of the body, metabolism, and hormones was a game changer for me. I didn’t know changing my body included all of that!! I thought I just had to “get a good workout.” Instead, she has me moving right and eating right. And i still get ice cream! She’s an investment, but she’s worth it because it works. Not all trainers are the same. Trust me on this one!” - Sofia Prassolo