Move Better: Full Leg Workout


Merp. This Los Angeles weather has me confused. One day I’m wearing a thermal, flannel, hoodie, with a raincoat and then the next (today) I’m in a short sleeve shirt outside. We can credit global warming for this conversation.

Anyways, let’s talk gym. Because small talk is cool. But we have business to talk about. Specifically, butt business.

I’m about to go full nerd. Like too many cues. But we’re here to learn right?

Plus, when your butt is on the line…you will listen *evil laugh*

First superset

  1. LYING LEG CURLS - 3x20
    This is what we call face down, ass up move. What you need to do is not pull an insta model and pop your butt up. Instead, tuck your hips into the pad and suck your belly button in.


    Sculpt those hamstrings without lower back pressure, aka isolation exercise #HamTings


    1. Tuck your pelvis into the hip pad. 

    2. Point your toes like a ballerina. The weight will just feel heavier, you're welcome. If you flex your toes, you tryna lift with your calves...don't do that. 

    3. Get in a full length leg stretch then curl the weight by contracting your powerful hammies and control the negative. 

    4. Exhale on the curl, inhale on the negative


    One legged - say bye-bye-bye to those imbalances. Add in quarter reps, pulses, and holds for the ultimate life-altering experience. 

  2. LEG EXTENSIONS - 3x15-20

    Get those chicken legs warmed up without an oven. Pump the quads without lower back stress and flex your quads until they cramp.  


    Isolation exercise you can use to focus on a harder contraction, not just more weight.


    1. Sit tall, grab the handles, and adjust so that your knees are just off the seat.

    2. Focus on moving the weight by squeezing your quads. Exhale.

    3.Inhale on the negative and go down slowly to be savage. 

    4. Add pulse reps when you’re about to quit. Crying may be included.


    Flex your toes up to get some shin muscles

    Also, externally rotate your knees, aka keep them forward or slightly turned out. 


    Single Leg - Train one leg at a time and say GTFO to those muscle imbalances. 


second superset


    Carry the same principles of the standard deadlift but now you are spreading those legs like a sumo wrestler. 


    Benefits of a deadlift with less lower back pressure and more booty power #SumoSlayinn


    1. Get like a sumo wrestler, aka legs wide and toes pointing out. Leg width is dependent on what feels strongest/your leg length. 

    2. Push your knees outside of the bar, ground yourself in your heel, rigid back, and grab the bar. 

    3. Chest is as upright as possible, which is pretty much the point of this exercise. You're able to keep your chest up, push the weight back into your hips, glutes, and hamstrings and SQUEEZE.

    4. Using the leverage on the bar, rock your hips back and start pulling 10%. You'll feel pressure in your lower glutes and get rid of the slack from the bar to you. 

    5. Once you feel like tight position with your abs braced THEN AND ONLY THEN can you lift the weight.

    6. Squeeze your ass, push your knees out, and drive your legs into the ground.  

    7. Don't overarch at the top. Just stand until your shoulders are just behind the bar. #RibsTucked


    Try resetting from a dead stop each rep. Hence, the name, deadlift. You'll build more muscle this way #Booty


    Deficit, straight leg, banded, chained, or touch-n-go. 

  2. WALL SIT - 3x90 seconds

Ha, I know your lazy ass hates these, but they're more of a mental test than anything. I want to see how mentally weak you are, or aren't. Prove me wrong why don't you. 


Static hold to burn the shit out of your legs, core, and mind #BootyToWall


1. Shoulders and back against the wall

2. Lower down into a squat until hips and knees are at the same height. No cheating, I'm watching you. 

3. Tuck your pelvis aka suck in your cute lil belly button.

4. Breathe and think of donuts because this is going to suck regardless.


 With a weight reaching in front of you, basketball in your uncoordinated hands, or one legged if you a circus freak. 



third superset


    Want a booty pump that is as good as sex? Here is the holy grail.


    The benefits remain endless. Lockout strength, mass on booty, dimple reducer, and awkward eye contact opportunities #Bootygasm


    1. Get some sort of padding between your hips and the bar because I know your lil hips are sensitive. 

    2. Place barbell in hip crease with upper back resting on a bench. 

    3. Start with feet in squat position and BEGIN the movement by squeezing your glutei

    4. Squeeze or hold at the top of the rep for extra pump


    If you feel it in your quads or lower back, lighten up and focus on pinching the penny in between your cheeks. 


    Foot placement - toes sumo stance for outer booty, straight forward for under booty and hammies, while your width can vary. 

    Chest elevation - switch up doing this exercise with chest on a bench or just on the floor. See which one you get a better pump


    You better do these twice a week or the old fart in the corner will be you soon. If your back hurts, it's because it's weak as fuck and/or lacking ROM. So strengthen it and stretch it, you're welcome.  


    Lower back health is the is key to life, to lifting, to good sex, and getting old #ExtensionsForLifeExtension 


    1. Hinge at the hip and give everyone that million dollar view they don't deserve. 

    2. Squeeze that booty at the top and tuck your ribs down, you aren't a goddamn stripper...unless you are cuz that's cool too #CollegeLife


    If you walk into the gym and your back hurts, hang off the end of this and wiggle that spine #SideToSide. Hang at the bottom and warm up by just extending a few inches up then coming back down to a relaxed position. Do a set of 30 and feel those lower lumbar say "hayyyy gurrrrl."


    Single Leg - To concentrate on the hammies and glutes *Arnold Voice*

    Hold- Add a hold at the top with emphasis on the booty squeeze for ultimate cake baking

    Let’s keep going

    Anyways…that was my leg day

    If you can handle it, I have more for you.

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Morgan Olson