Transformation Tuesday


Something I learned today…Just because a coffee shop looks like the inside of CB2, doesn’t mean their espresso doesn’t taste like soil. I expected more Los Angeles. And if you’re wondering, it’s Coffee For Sasquatch, yes I called you out.

Anyways, for one of my first blogs, I wanted to go back to the land before time. Like when I was shy and shit.



The year I wore Power Balance bands and began working out five days a week. This was also the rare sighting of my hair actually done because this took me about 8 hours and I would rather spend that watching Paula Dean cook something with butter.

My workouts looked like this -

20 min stair master

60 min weights

20 min stair master

20-30 min sauna, stretch, and sometimes swim

Ew. That’s like too long and too much. It’s okay because I didn’t really have a life.

Diet -

Vegetarian/Vegan and using a meal plan from a Women’s Health magazine diet aka 1,200 calories.


Anyways, here’s 2012.

I had already been lifting everyday for two years, but my nutrition sucked. I started eating meat again…yes, chicken.

Workout -

CrossFit 5xs a week…the obsession began. Too much running, jumping, and not enough focus on building my foundational strength.

Diet -

Nutrition kinda all over. Acai bowls, grains, granola, and everything else. My goal was to get stronger and working out meant I could also eat more. I kinda had an obsession with food for a little bit.



Lol…three years into it and still look the same. I blame my lack of focus on strength training and my nutrition.

Workout -

Competitive CrossFit, high activity levels with work. Looked lean, but was working out A LOT.

Diet -




Ooooh, okay, I like what I see now. That bicep vein made my world rock.

Workout -

Competitive CrossFit with bodybuilding accessory work. 2-3 hours a day.

Diet -

Getting into macros more.



Don’t mind the hair…

Workout -

Herniated two discs in my neck, had to drop out of competiting in CrossFit. Focused on bodybuilding and functional work. 2 hours a day training.

Diet -

Bodybuilding diet of chicken and broccoli. Hated my diet and was hungry. Looked nice tho lol. It was also that day, I didn’t always look tight.


Don’t mind the smeared eye liner…lol it was a 2016 Morgan phase.

Workout -

Bodybuilding with a strong focus on strength training. Felt better in my body and realized how weak I actually was.

Diet -

Sweet potatoes, chicken, broccoli, and ice cream lol. Lots of sugar and protein.



Leaner finally, much more shape and definition.

Workout -

Began training competitively in Powerlifting. 2-3 hours a day of serious training. The beginning of putting of some good muscle.

Diet -

Counted macros, yet I was lacking energy. Still eating a lot of gluten.


Workout -

6 months into Powerlifting. Getting tick. Strength trained 2-3 hours a day with hours of cardio a day from work.

Diet -

Counted macros, lacking energy still. Too much sugar and digestion wasn’



Workout -

Bodybuilding and functional exercise focus. Stopped Powerlifting from injuries.

Diet -

Optimized my body with focusing on gut health, eliminating gluten, eating more healthy fats, and listening to my body. My energy went up 10xs after eliminating the foods that were causing me inflammation.

Lessons Learned

Well, that was quite a journey. I am glad you came with me because finding those photos took longer than drinking this stale coffee. To sum up, here are a few things I learned from the process.

1. Be consistent

We all want results in a day, but realistically this took me 8+ years. Being consistent five days a week. But don’t worry…it doesn’t have to take you that long.

2. Focus on nutrition

One thing I forgot to do was prioritize my gut health, optimal protein intake, and eliminate inflammatory foods.


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