Why am I in Love with Sugar?

Sugar is the bad boyfriend/girlfriend you keep going back to. You knock on it's door at midnight, asking for sex, and feel like shit right after. Here are 3 better-than-Cosmo ways to break up with that asshole.

Cut the Carbs

Eating more carbs, even non-sugary ones tells your body you NEED them. Remember that best friend who told you that you didn't need your ex, well aren't you glad you listened to them?

When blood sugar spikes rapidly, it will dramatically drop after. This drains our energy and creates the brain fog that makes you reach for that third cup of coffee.  

Apply : Minimize carbohydrates to 75g-125g of good quality carbs for ultimate energy and clarity. 


Replace Carbohydrates with Healthy Fats

When you break up with your ex, you gotta get some healthy replacements. Pottery, Netflix, screaming on road trips...all of that is your healthy fat. 

It's a sustainable energy that will make you feel clear, energized and in control of your body. Coconut butter, nut butter, olive oil, ghee with cinnamon in your coffee and avocado will all satiate your sugar cravings.

Apply : Replace the carbs with 2 servings of healthy fats. 


Hydrate Like a Mother Fucker

Quitting sugar is painful- so be sure to drink extra water. I triple cat dare you to drink a whole gallon of water today. Just chug about 12 ounces of water every hour. Watch as your energy sky rockets, your body craves more water and the next day your metabolism is running at Lamborghini speed. 

Also try adding a splash of lemon and a little salt in your water to replenish your electrolytes and satisfy your body in other ways than blood sugar. 

Apply : Drink more water today and add in some shit to fulfill your electrolyte balance. 


Remember - progress not perfection. 

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XX Coach MoMo


Morgan Olson