Hey Cutie, I'm Morgan Olson!

Most days you can find me training women in Los Angeles, scouting Whole Foods for their gluten-free mac n cheese, or at Barnes and Noble with a pile of books that I never get through. I'm an expert at optimizing time spent in the gym, a nerd when it comes to nutrition and love teaching women how to harness their metabolism to make fitness easy & efficient.

Why the hell are we obsessed with health? For me, it empowers me. I express myself more, that includes my weird style and bad jokes. But it also combats my insecurities. I always had social anxiety growing up and being an introvert it doesn't get easier on it's own. 

As I got stronger, so did my confidence. This translated into my drive of needing to share the HOW with as many women as I can, so you can express more of yourself!

After 8 years of being a gym addict and thousands of hours of coaching athletes, I realized how to make fitness not so goddamn hard and complicated. 

Side note, I am certified through the International Sports Science Association as a Nutrition Specialist, ISSA Personal Trainer and CrossFit Certified (Level 1, Level 2, and Olympic Lifting.) 

Job description: I help women get more results without more effort through 1-on-1 nutrition coaching, personal training in the Los Angeles area, and fantastic BGL guides. 

Spoiler alert: 90% of my client's come to me with slow metabolisms and imbalanced hormomes. I'm here to fix that.