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Why hello. I’m Morgan.

Fellow weirdo and avid ice cream lover.

I do fitness.

I’ve done it for eight whole years.

I teach women how to have your ice cream and eat it too…

Or wine.

Your pick!

Fitness is the fuel that makes me brave. Confident. Sassy. Hotter. But above all, feel like a badass. The kind that can drink fresh espresso straight…yup, that’s me.

I write to you from LA. This is where I train my badass babes to get rid of the gym-intimidation and strut with more confidence.


2013 was rough…Anybody else?

Doing it alone is damn hard.

That’s why I am a total science nerd now. I had to be obsessed with fitness to learn the ins and outs.

That’s why I am so passionate about giving the support, education, and accountability you need to emotionally and physically win at life!

We will use nutrition and training science to make fitness easier.

No wasted time.
No hours of cardio.
No low-calorie diets.
Just results from science.
…and emotional support.
And customized fitness.


You're just a button away from the expert secrets that I use to transform my clients.