I’m Morgan Olson!

I’m a Hawaii grown athlete, trainer, and nutritionist with big dreams. Obsessed with: The Bachelor, ice cream, and working smarter. I’ve been in business for 10 years. Read on for the rest!

I didn’t always train like this: the gut health, muscle activation, intelligent programming, and body optimization…in fact, just a few years ago you could have found me counting every calorie and exhausted on the stair master. I thought I was doing it right, but the truth is, I wasn’t seeing results. 

Beginning at the age of 15, I invested 2-6 hours a day into the gym…a day. Little did I know, I wasn’t always doing the right things. That investment led to 10 years of learning about my body. As a women, we are complex. Our hormones, metabolism, gut health, and training are all related to having a lean body. Today, you can find me training gym 3-5 hours a week and eating to lean out effortlessly. 

My promise is to help women grow their confidence and body to get lean & strong in half the amount of time…

This is what gets me going. Saving women hundreds of hours of wasted efforts, only leading to frustration. The problem with the fitness industry is we are so focused on burning calories, when we have to look at how our body is hard-wired.

Once we know our body, we use the answers to achieve the body of our dreams.

It’s not just about eating less and working out more. It’s about looking at YOU, specifically. Analyzing your metabolism, hormone health, genetics, and gut health and adjusting your nutrition and training to make life that much better.

No wasted time.
No hours of cardio.
No low-calorie diets.
Simply results.
This is customized, science-based women’s fitness.

Here are a women who have changed their life with Coach MoMo!


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