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Why hello. I’m Morgan.

Fellow weirdo and avid ice cream lover.

I do fitness…in the smartest way possible because I’m lazy.

I like results with the least amount of pain possible.

Babe, Go Lift is for the women who dare to be different. We’re edgy, strong, and sometimes say f*ck too much. We don’t fit in and we love that. I aim to build a community that supports women to be brave enough to defy all stereotypes and labels, opening the door for unlimited self-expression and discovery.

Anyways, back to fitness, we use science-based methods to optimize your body to amplify the efforts you put into yourself. It’s not just about eating less and working out more, rather looking at your metabolism, hormone health, genetics, and gut health to reach your goals in a sustainable way.

No wasted time.
No hours of cardio.
No low-calorie diets.
Just results from science.
…and emotional support.
This is customized, science-based fitness for women.


You're just a button away from the expert secrets that I use to transform my clients.