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Hi, I’m Morgan Olson!

I’m lazy. So I like fitness that actually works. And women…I love women. Welcome to Babe, Go Lift., science-based women’s fitness where you get the body you deserve.

As a Nutrition Specialist, Personal Trainer, science nerd, and decently bad dancer, I can confidently say that there are way more effective things to do be doing than eating broccoli and cardio.

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Sculpt Your Body, Gain More Confidence, & Actually Enjoy It!

Feel like your efforts in the gym aren’t showing? Days are gone when more cardio and less food was the answer. Now it’s time to optimize your body to actuality look like you workout…because I know you are.

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Babe Spotlight


"I didn’t just want to get smaller, I wanted to shape my body, MoMo knows the tricks!”

“It all started with my nutrition and Morgan is the expert on that!”

"Two years later and I have completely changed my mindset towards food and myself!”